What Is Life?

Do you know what life is? Can you explain the meaning of life? Do you understand what your life means?

No one have truly understood the meaning of life.
I accept the viewpoint that says, nobody knows what life will be. People who live in the world can't explain the meaning of life.

Although, they live within this world, they are existing through having a worldview. While still living, they won't truly understand what this is.

Anyone's viewpoint should extend into the others.
If anyone knows what truly exists in the world, everyone should expect to perceive through it as a reasonable point of view. No one can see through the eternal way of life. That is why all of us have different lifestyles.

Everybody should be living through fulfilling a goal in the form of their own personal lifestyle. Through achieving this goal, they will perceive of their purpose for a lifestyle. Nowadays, it is our purpose that will determine the lifestyle.

Without knowing who we are, we can truly find our purpose in life.
Truly speaking, we musn't have understood what life means. But, we need to move forward in life.

To achieve our goal, we have to find out the purpose of life. Through this knowledge, we will achieve any goal on the way of life.

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