What Begins Will Have to End

As of today, all of us are believed to be living in the world. This belief will make us to live as much as we can in the world of today.
Also, we will want to achieve our personal goals in life. And, we will want to be successful in the world of today. But, we don't realize that, what have started, will have to end.
Life is precious in the world of today. We should live in the world with the highest potential. This means, we should strive hard to achieve our personal goals. We should do our best to be successful in life.
Life is delicate for everyone of us. We should do only what we are capable of doing. This means, we shouldn't bid for what we can't achieve. We should start with taking up those goals which we know about and understand fully.
Life is discontinuous for the human beings. We will only live and die, as every human being should do. This means, we must be sure of what we will lay our hands on. We shouldn't touch anything which we don't know about.
For the meantime, we may choose to live in any lifestyle that we want in the world of today. We can even make our life to be as easy as possible. But, we should realize that, the beginning of anything, will have to end by itself.

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