We Have To Fail To Succeed In Life

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Life will exist for a short period of time. There is a desire to become successful in a world of today. Anyone of us can succeed on certain occasions, only to fail at other times.

We have to achieve a goal through our way of life. We need to attain a dream along this journey of life. Everyone of us wants to live as we desire, to achieve our goal, and attain this dream.
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We don't usually perceive success, over having a failure. We can succeed in certain goals, and fail in the other.

Life has to exist as we have perceived it. We will only have success if we are determined to get it. Lack of determination usually results in failure.
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Before we can achieve the height of success, we have to fail along the way. Nobody is perfect. Success can't exist, without having a failure.

When there is a failure, we need to try once again. Failing serves as a lesson to us. We should consider the situation, and continue aspiring towards the end goal.