We Are Destined to Live In the World

Some people know about their destiny, while some don't know about it. Destiny means, what will happen to us in the world, which we cannot change.
We are living in a world of today. People have lived in the world for many generations. They will still continue to live in the world from generation to generation. In this way, we have known about our destiny for living in the world.
We should live as we want. We must live as much as we can afford to do. We should live up to the level of what humanity in the world of today have given us. In any case, this may be good, and it may be bad.
The situation of destiny calls for endurance and perseverance in what we are doing. Whatever we may be doing, we just have to endure and persevere. Without these virtues of life, we will never achieve our goal.
As of today, many people are living in the world. They are living within pressure and rigour, brought about by depending and competing with each other. They just want to achieve the same kind of goal. They are now conflicting and disagreeing in what they should value. This brings about a situation of confusion and stress.
We shouldn't become stressed and frustrated in personal life. We should know about our destiny for living well in a world of today. We should live as much as we can really do.

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