The Journey Of Life Can't Exist Without A Problem

Life is a phenomenon, which we are yet to understand. In the world of today, the journey of life is believed to be discontinuous.

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Through our existence, the journey of life is somehow precious, but will continue to have problems.

Our life should exist through the mind.

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Having existed in the world of today should be determined by what we have thought about within the mind. Having a personal belief will allow the way of life to be determined, by what we have perceived through the lifestyle.

What we have perceived through the mind should determine our thought, or action.

If nothing have being perceived, the existence of good life will varnish.

Every lifestyle will have a problem.

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I have known some people living in a good lifestyle, while they had to solve certain problems. Thereafter, I believed that, there isn't a lifestyle, without its' problem.

Any way of life that exist in this world will have either one problem, or another.

Without encountering problems, we haven't truly existed within the world of today. It is how we solved those problems, that should determine who we are in the personal life.

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