The Experience Should Become The Knowledge

We are living in the world of today, without knowing who we are. As we continue to exist in this world, we have to battle sometimes for certain opportunities.

Any battle happened to give some knowledge and experience into our personal life.

The way of life within this world belongs to us. The desired lifestyle determines the journey of life which we will pass through in the world of today.

We are living in the world of today.

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If we haven't desired to live in the world, we can't be doing all those things which we used to do. It is the desire to exist in the world that allows us to live as we want to live.

Through this desire for living, we will achieve our goal, and become successful. The achievement of goal usually leads into the attainment of dream.

Any experience can become our knowledge.

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As we are living today, we will find it difficult to forget what happened yesterday.

It is the need for knowledge, that makes any experience to be useful.

The chosen lifestyle should allow us to understand what have happened within this world. This way of life have already become a part of our lifestyle, or personality.

Any experience through the lifestyle can be the knowledge that will overcome our problem in the future.

We shouldn't overlook the battlestorm on the way of life. Any battle that we have overcome should give us knowledge about the journey of life.

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