Success Depends On Overcoming Obstacles

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Success and failure make us who we are in a world of today. Anyone of us can succeed or fail in life. Whether there is success or failure depends on how we overcome the difficulty that challenges us. We have to solve a problem, to overcome the obstacle.
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Life seems to be easy if we succeed in achieving a goal. We experience difficulty when we fail to attain a dream.

The capability to overcome difficulty should solve the problem. We will achieve goals and attain dreams when we accept that life has problems, which can be understood and solved by everyone of us.
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Life is full of problems, that serves as a predicament. Living in a world of today will be successful if we are determined to overcome an obstacle that impedes success.
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What we want to achieve can be attained by setting a personal goal. We have to set a goal and be determined to reach the endpoint.

We don't have to look back if we become distracted through an event. The challenge imposed by other people shouldn't stop us from moving forward. Life has a problem. Success is possible if we can overcome difficulty.