Setting A Goal Have To Motivate A Dream

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Life exists in a world of today, but there are problems everywhere. Everyone of us desires to achieve and succeed.
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Dreaming is part of life, although we don't remember most of the dreams. Goals can be set up to realize a dream.
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Anyone of us can create easy goals, that becomes ineffective later. We don't have to set up an impossible goal, but we can set out towards getting a solution for the problem, without bothering about the difficulty.
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We have to act on the goal, before missing out the expectations for this dream. We need to challenge ourselves, through the purpose given by a vision.
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Time is precious for everyone of us. We won't waste time at all if we have set forth a meaningful goal. There should be progress, until the endpoint of success.
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Failure is inevitable in life. We can succeed every time, and fail anytime. We will be able to achieve if we are truly motivated.

Goals should be set, towards achieving a dream. If the problem motivates us, this dream will be realized, because we often encounter challenges over a goal. Keeping this dream motivated ensures that the endpoint of success will be reached.