Rely On That Power of the Personal Conscience

Everyone of us will have the conscience that controls our mind. This is true, as we have to be conscious of certain things in our lives.
This consciousness gives us the freedom and conscience to choose between what is right, and what is wrong, in those difficult situations of personal life.
Consciousness means, to be aware of what happens around us. We need to think from a conscious mind before we can really perceive of those things that exist in the world around us.
If we don't control how we are thinking and perceiving, we won't be able to think and behave as we should be doing. Then, we will follow any way through which the other people have directed us.
It is more reliable and versatile to be self-conscious, and to consider many things through the personal perspective.
Because, what some people believe as what should work for us, may not work according to their belief, during that situation of our difficulty. Even, we won't feel as they may have felt in that situation of life.
We should be aware of what really happens around us. We have to be conscious of what we do in the situation of personal life.
We should always rely on what we can achieve by ourselves. For this reason, we should keep on acting according to the instinct from the mind. We should still rely on that power of the personal conscience.

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