Positive Criticism Will Make You Better

Nobody is perfect in the world of today. As human beings, we are imperfect in our behavior. None of us can do anything perfectly.
At certain times, we may do some things wrongly. Even, we could misbehave occasionally.
The work which we do in the place of work can't remain without being criticized, as we may be commended or even rebuked by the boss. If a mistake is overlooked, or rather, when an error is criticized, we must realize that, nobody is so much perfect in the world of today.
To live as much as we can in the world of today, we should allow people to criticize what we are doing. Their positive criticism may influence us to change what we have done wrongly.
Criticism should change how we have being doing some things wrongly, and eventually, bring perfection to the "imperfect" way of life in the society. Being criticized by someone will actually allow us to adjust what we did wrongly. When we take up positive criticism from others, our way of life will change to be better in the world of today.

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