Perceive of Your Life As Your True Self

Do you think about yourself? Do you think about the kind of life which you are living? Do you think about how you should be living in a world of today? Do you think about what your life should become, considering the kind of life you are living? These are questions which we should ask ourselves, so that we will perceive of our lives, as if it were to be our true selves.
We should think about ourselves, and consider the kind of life, that we must live in a world of today. We have to gain a better perception about our way of life. We must gain the perception of personal life, through what our way of life should become.
We must be ready to do, what will make our way of life, to become what it is meant to be. In reality, we should perceive of our lives, as that of our true selves.
Life is existing in a state of discontinuity. People will live, and then, they must die. They will be living well, according to what they have perceived about themselves, through the personal life.
In this way, we should be able to perceive of ourselves, through having good ideas and concepts. We must avoid the things that can make us to perceive of bad ideas in our way of life.
I mean, if we have perceived of our way of life, as a means of providing us with certain opportunities for a better business venture, we will then be able to find a way of venturing into a better area in our life. Whatever we have perceived of, as a personal capability, should become manifested through the way of life.
The people who have perceived of a bad idea, will have a similar conception later. They will have no encouragement to achieve a good thing, as they didn't have that kind of perception before.
We just have to perceive of good things through our life. This will make us to be able to conceive of good things. In this way, we will perceive of our lives, as whom our true selves should be.

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