Overacting Will Make Life to Be Difficult

As the human beings usually do, we should have many things to do in our lives. This could happen to us because, we want to live as we want, work as we deserve, and play as we like.
As we are bound to do many things, we should never overact in anything that we could be doing in life.
Everything which should be done must be limited, according to the nature of what is to be done. In any case, we will live happily, as long as we want to do so. Also, we will work for achievement, if there is the vigour for working hard. And, we will play like in the good times, when there is the determination and compliance for playing up to our own perspectives.
No one among us will get overactive, without getting the consequence. I mean, taking up too much of anything at the same time could lead us into stress.
Fatigue and boredom can become devastating in our life. I mean, nobody can do excessive work and still feel easy. Contrarily, we can't remain at ease after being isolated for some time.
In any situation, we shouldn't allow the difficult issues in our life to frustrate us.
For this reason, we shouldn't become overactive in anything that we may have to do. We should simply take our life easy.

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