Our Thoughts Should Determine Who We Are

We are bound to think about different ideas from time to time. But, we can't know that, our thought will determine who we are.

We have to think everytime

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No one can live in the world of today, without thinking about different or diverse ideas everytime.

As we continue the journey of life, we have to keep on thinking about the way of life.

The lifestyle can't become what it is, if we haven't thought about the idea. Any thought that we have perceived have usually determined who we are.

Our thoughts have made us who we are

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I have a personal belief about the world, that is really difficult for anyone to change. I believe that, the creator of life happens to be God, but this world have always depended on the thoughts or ideas of those people who live within it.

Everyone of us should be able to change the world, through who we may be, or what we can do.

If we can bring changes into the world of today, it is those thoughts we have perceived that should determine who we are.

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