Our Lifestyle Should Exist As We Perceive It

The lifestyle is a phenomenon that we will engage into as we exist in this world. It is the medium through which we can live as we want to live in the world of today.

We will live as we want to live.

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We can't live, until we are born. After we are born, we will live in the world and die later on.

It is how we have perceived those people and the world around, that will impress us to continue moving on the journey of life. If we don't believe in difficulty, we won't come across the difficult situation on the way of life.

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The thought that we perceive determines our action from time to time. The activities should ascertain us into who we are through the lifestyle.

Anyway, the aspiration that we have perceived will shape our personality and way of life. Then, it is our lifestyle and personality that allows us to be who we are.

Our belief affects who we are.

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It is usually our belief or idea that culminates into the perception and experience, which will later affect the lifestyle and personality. Nevertheless, the way we conceive our lifestyle makes us who we are.

If we don't believe in a difficult journey of life, we can't live a life that is tougher than our imagination. Life can't be so difficult, when we haven't thought about any difficulty.

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