Live In The Present Time To Be Successful And Happy

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Life exists according to perception in a world of today. The problems encountered through a way of life creates a difficult lifestyle, that poses a challenge along a journey of life. Unless we continue living in the present time while solving our problem, we can't become successful, and life won't be happy.
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We are happy if we succeed, but we become sad when we fail. Life has to be meaningful, for anything admirable to be possible. Everyone of us desires to be successful and happy.
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We don't have to focus on the past ordeal, that was sad and painful to us. We should follow the purpose of life, that makes us happy and comfortable during the present time.
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Once we are doing what has a meaning, we are bound to have success with time, and happiness should follow. Living in the present has to be meaningful, to afford a successful and happy lifestyle. We will be able to understand how to move forward in life.
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We should refuse to look backwards at all. We can fail in achieving goals anytime. The lack of understanding that brought failure shouldn't make us unhappy.
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We have to focus on progress, achievement, success. If we believe in who we are, we will achieve goals, and attain dreams.
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Many of us fail in achieving what is deserved, because we lose focus, and become distracted. Refusing to think about the past, doesn't mean we should focus on the future.
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Life should be happy in the present moment. The successful lifestyle will exist if there is a purpose in what is done.

The successful lifestyle is a meaningful life that makes us happy. Life can't be what it should be unless we get determined to achieve a goal that fulfils our imagination. We should ignore the bait of the past and future lifestyle, to make the present moment of time successful and happy.