Live Easily to Live Happily

We need to be happy to live in good health. We should make choices that will make us happy. Then, we should live easily, to make us to live happily.
We will be living as we have made our lives. Life will be difficult when we make it difficult. But, it will be easy when we make it easy.
We need to make ourselves happy. When we are happy, we will not be sad. This will allow us to achieve our goals and be successful in the world of today.
When we live happily, we will live positively. This is because, happiness is a positive emotion. It should allow us to live positively. We should have no reason to be sad.
We should be happy to take control of ourselves. This should lead us into achievement of personal goals. It should allow us to be successful in life. When there is control, life will be extraordinary.
We should be living positively, to avoid living negatively. We should forget about living negatively. This is when we will be living happily.
We have to believe in living happily. Afterwards, we should start to live easily, to begin to live happily. When we are not happy, we should be sad. We need to allow positive thoughts to dominate over us. This will allow us to be happy.
When we believe in living happily, we should be living better. We will have no reason to be sad. But, we need to live easily, for us to live happily.
Living happily will allow us to achieve our goals and be successful in the world of today. Without living easily, we can't be living happily. We should live easily to allow us to live happily.

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