Life Is Just for a While

Life is believed to be precious by many people in the world of today. Many of us believe that, we are endowed by God to live as much as we can. But, none of us could have realized that, we will exist for only a short time in the world of today.
When we live as we should, we will achieve as much as we can. Then, we should do our work without relenting on the effort. If we are able to achieve the personal goals, we will become successful in life.
Living well in the world will give us the potential to work with all the effort. Believing in ourselves will motivate us to aspire for a great height in what we are doing.
Living in the world of today shouldn't make us to forget the purpose for which we have come to live in the world. I mean, we should achieve the personal goals. Even, we should be successful in life. Although, life is precious to everyone of us, it is only going to exist for a while.

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