Life Is a Journey for Everyone

I doubt if people know that, they are moving on a journey of life. I want to say that, everybody who lives in the world is travelling on a journey of life in a world of today.
Life is then a journey for everyone of us. We have to pass through a real journey of life. We will live within pressure and rigour in a world of today.
The way of life through which we are living in the world, should be taken as a journey, and not as a destination. In a real situation of life, we will live in the world as we have been destined on the journey of life.
Whatever, we come across along the way of life must have happened to us through our destiny from the world. Destiny is the faith and belief which we have acquired through the journey of life in the world of today.
We should believe that, we are travelling through a journey of life. We have to believe that, we are born into the world. We must know that, it is on the day on which we die, when we have reached our destination. This tells us that, the world is a journey, and not a destination.
Living in the world, as of today, should make us to work hard and achieve our goal. Hard work will lead us to the achievement of personal goal and successful life.
This tells us the true meaning of life. It shows us the real purpose of living in the world. It makes our lifestyle to be a journey of the lifetime through a world of today.

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