Leave Your Comfort Zone

Everyone of us will have a zone of comfort in our life. The zone of comfort is the place where we may be staying, without leaving for a long time.
We may be trapped in the comfort zone. Then, we will be so inactive from the diverse ways of life existing in the world of today.
We can't be inactive and passive to achieving a goal, while we will misconceive the idea of success in life.
None of us will want to be left out of achieving goals. For this reason, we should leave the comfort zone.
We should stop keeping to a place for too long. When we have left the comfort zone, we will be active to confront the goals in our life.
We musn't be doomed in this zone of comfort, while there is some potential to achieve a goal. We shouldn't remain inactive and passive in the comfort zone.
We have to be active. We should achieve what we deserve in life.

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