Know Your Strength, But Refute Your Weakness

All of us in the world of today are imperfect in our behaviour. Nobody is believed to be perfect, as no one can do anything perfectly.
But, we want to be perfect to be able to achieve the personal goals.
To be perfect, we should know our strength, and be able to refute our weakness. Knowing about the strength will make us to understand where we have a potential to achieve any of the goals.
This knowledge will show us the place where we can achieve. It will also direct us towards that place where we can't achieve.
Knowing this area of weakness could make us to accept a defeat for achieving any goal there. But, we should easily refute that weakness, and really know the strength.
To be successful in life, we should know our strength, but we have to refute our weakness.
When we have refused to accept anything as a weakness, we will gain potential for success in what we have recognized as a strength. We should know the strength, and refute the weakness which exist in our life.

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