Know the Purpose of Living In the World

I don't know whether people believe that they are living in the world, or whether they don't. I don't even know whether they have understood why they are living in the world of today, or whether they haven't. Truly, I believe that, we should know the purpose of living in the world.
The world is the home of man. People have lived in the world for many generations. They will be living in the world from one generation to another.
They can't really live successfully in the world, without knowing why they are living in a world of today. In this way, they will live in the world as they want, when they have really believed that, they are truly living in a world of today.
We have to know the purpose for which we are living in the world. We must understand what life means to us. We must be able to prepare ourselves for a good way of life. Really, we need to live better, than how we have been living before.
In fact, people should live in the world of today as much as they can. In the same way, they should do what they are able to do. They should work hard to achieve their goal. Really, they should do whatever they can do in personal life.
We deserve to have the best things in our life. For this reason, we should get the best out of what we have done. We need to work with our full potential. This will make us to achieve our goal and become successful in life.
Anyway, we should know the real purpose for living in the world of today. This will make us to work hard. We will then achieve our goal and become successful in personal life.

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