Know the Meaning of Life

How does the world exist? Who are the people who are living in the world? Is life a real medium of existence? What is the true meaning of life? I believe that, we should really know what life means in a world of today.
People should know about the world in which they are living. They should know who they are. They have to understand that, life is a medium through which they are living in the world. For this reason, they should know the true meaning of life.
Life is existing in a state of discontinuity. People have lived in the world for many generations. They will still continue to live from one generation to another.
We are born to live in the world. For this reason, we should live, and then, we must die. In a situation of real life, we must understand what life means to us. We just have to know the true reason why we are living in the world.
Knowing the purpose of living in the world will tell us who we are. When we have known who we are in a world of today, we will be able to understand how the world is existing.
In actual fact, understanding what life really means can't completely enlighten us about who we truly are. This is because, life is somehow discontinuous. Really, the world will change from one period of time to another.
Living in the world of today should make us to change as the world is changing. We have to change our way of doing things as certain things change in the environment. This will allow us to meet up with the demands, which may come up, through those things which have happened around us.
As of today, we can't really keep up, with the pace of life in the world, if we haven't changed our way of life. We just have to know the true meaning of our life. We should change as the world changes around us.

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