Know About Your Personal Disposition

Are you well disposed of certain things? Are you cheerful? Are you bitter? Are you clumsy or bad with your idea? Are you cleverly disposed or with good feeling?
I think, your feeling or disposition towards one thing, in particular, will determine whether you will achieve or succeed in that area. I mean, when you aren't well disposed enough, to achieve and succeed in life, you will work without utilising your full potential for achievement and success. In such situations, you will fail and miss your opportunity in every sense of the matter.
This is now a case that relates to the law of Karma. The law of Karma states:

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the sums of somebody's good and bad actions in one of their lives, is believed to decide what will happen to them in the next life.

This shows us the difference between doing what is good and doing what is bad. Because, whatever we have done in our lives, whether good or bad, will be done back to us, when it comes to our turn on the journey of life.
We should always attempt to do what we have believed to be good or pleasant. We have to avoid doing what is bad, unpleasant, or evil.
We should really believe that, we must reap whatever we have sown in our lives. For that reason, we have to understand what we are doing. We must do what is good in any situation of life.

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