Identifying Life Means Discovering Self

Life is meant to be developed over a period of time. We are developing into a specific, unique, and formative type of personality. But we can rarely understand what this personality type will be in our daily lives.

Personality Types

The personalities have been classified into different types. Today, there are five major types of personality. It is a trait of personality that determines how people defined the type of person they will become.

The most important types of personality are known as “The Big 5 Personality Traits”. According to the broad range of personality traits which I meant, that are exclusive so far, the big 5 ones are: Openness (highly experienced people), Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (emotionally unstable people).
I know that many people don't understand who they are. Life is actually unknown to all the human beings. The world is still not fully discovered by the humans there. The undiscovered territory of the world is full of experiences for all of us. We are developing everyday due to what is experienced on a journey of life.

Life Journey

Life is then a journey without a destination. We have to discover who we are. It is the moment of self discovery that leads to the self identity and self understanding. Only the people who gained a self knowledge of what they are doing in a way of life will be understood by other people around them. It is the knowledge and understanding that identifies and discovers that the experience of life which we knew will be there for us.

Self Identity

I am writing about the personality types which many of us may not easily recognize. I know that we have to recognize the other people around us. We may relate to them. We have to enjoy what life has in stock for us. There are many factors that determine how to identify a type of personality in real life.

We are all from a particular cultural background. The cultural and indigenous background is usually both genetic, parental, and beneficial in nature. What is thought to benefit the person comes according to the type of environment.

We also lived in an environment where there are factors that changed our previous ways to life until today. The present experience has been shaped into diverse and different ways. We are mostly transformed in who we are by the other developmental factors mentioned so far.

Self Discovery

It is evident that we can't change our previous experience. What happened in the past has already been taken up within a journey of life. But we can then change other experiences that will likely happen in future. The way we react to those crucial happenings of life becomes a part of discovering our experience.

All those experiences are not able to change all of us directly to form such expected and new journeys in life. The experience that is identifiable or discoverable allows the journey of life to be understood by everyone of us. We can then identify what life should be for each one of us.

This is how we will all be able to discover what life is meant to be. Whatever life has been meant to become for us isn't there to stay if properly taken up. What is understood will be identified. We just have to discover how to change who we are into our best persons, images, and versions.

It is true that we can develop ourselves into a better kind of personality. We will then go on to identify, discover, and develop ourselves. There is a better type of personality within a better-known and fairly understood journey in life.