Hello There, Steemians!

Photograph from Flickr. I am Adegboyega Ogunmola. I hail from Nigeria. I am married with five children, and I will be 57 years old, in November. 

I am well educated. I have a Bachelor of Education degree (2007). I studied Guidance and Counselling, with Geography, as a teaching subject.

Guidance & Counselling, is a field of study, related to Counselling Psychology. Psychology, is a field of science, which studies the human mind, how it works, and why people behave the way they do. Guidance & Counselling identifies people's problems, which doesn't allow them to live as they should, helps them to find possible solutions, so that they will live a satisfying and fulfilled life.

I am currently a teacher and counsellor. I work at a public secondary school, located in my hometown, Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria.

I like reading books, on the Internet. I want to be an author, and write books, on my area of interest, "psychological aspects of man". I believe, everyone will have a personality, which is unique to each one of them. This means, "what they do", developed through "who they are", which also developed through "how they live". I want my writings (personality literature) to solve the personal problems in many people's life.

I am writing on the Steemit platform. I appreciate the Steemians.

I hope we will have a good time.