Having Determination Should Bring Achievement

People usually say that, life isn't easy at all. I have now observed that, life should give back, what was given into it.

Life should give us, what we have given.

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As we continue to live in the world, we can't have understood what life means to us.

Living in the world of today can only afford us to live as we have desired.

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Putting no effort into our work, we won't achieve the goal. Any goal that we have determined to achieve will become accomplished.

Having no determination won't allow any reasonable work to be done. Because, nothing will be achieved, within the appointed time.

With our determination, there is achievement.

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As we already know, only the work that was done by ourselves, will bring about anything successful. With no effort, the way of life won't give out, what haven't being given into it.
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What we have determined to achieve, should become easier to accomplish.

With no determination, we can't achieve any goal. It is our determination that can make us to achieve the dream.

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