Guard Off the Fake Sentiment to Be Who You Are

We could be sentimental to certain things in our life. We tend to develop a feeling of emotion for the things that affect us personally.
On a particular occasion, we could have being too happy or too sad. Invariably, we may have gained the situation of oversentiment.
As such a feeling may be inappropriate for the situation, the sentimentality could make us to lose control of ourselves. In this kind of situation, we won't get to the point of actually knowing who we are.
For this reason, we should guard off the sentiment that affected us. This should make us to be actually ourselves.
When we misappropriate the feeling, we will misjudge the behaviour. In the context of a particular situation, behaving inappropriately doesn't allow us to control ourselves properly.
In the personal context, guarding off that inappropriate feeling will afford us the opportunity of controlling ourselves.
We can't be who we are in any situation, without guarding off the fake sentiment. Only taking a proper control of ourselves will make us to be who we are in the world of today.

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