Do Good Things and Expect Great Things

People who live in the world as of today, will not believed that, what they give to some other people, is what must be given back to them. In real life, people who do good things should expect good things. I mean, what we accept and do most of the time, will become a vital part of our repertoire.
Any habit which we take into our reservoir of life energy will be practiced most of the time. It will continue to surge us along the way of life. This will propel us to do more of that habit, as it should become a source of motivation in our lives.

What You Give Is What You Get

The law of attraction is renowned, and was given attention by philosophers and psychologists. The philosophers believe that, there is "good" and "evil" in life. People will do either good or evil. The psychologists believe that, the mind is the center of thought and behaviour. The way people think, and what they do, will influence their mind.
The law of attraction states that, what you attract to yourself should become your own. In reality, the people who have done good things for some people, should expect good things from them. In this way, nobody can do a good thing and receive a bad thing in any situation of life. We attracted what happened to us in one way or another.

Life Is Full of Adversity

Life is filled with ups and downs. The way of life is a case of uncertainty and impossibility. Living in the world happens to be with certain difficulties.
People should do good things, so that they will receive good things. What they have given to someone is what will be given back to them. The people who did what is good will get good things back, while those who did what is evil will get bad things.
Our lifetime has no limit or boundary. We will live in the world, as long as we can exist and survive. We can't measure or know our life. We are bound to live, and we may encounter problems or difficulties.
John Donne, is a seventeenth-century English author. He is the founder of the Metaphysical Poets. This term was created by Samuel Johnson, an eighteenth-century English essayist, poet and philosopher. He believed that, no one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. Even, if one person can thrive alone, without the other people, one person cannot achieve anything.
John Donne said:

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

Nobody can live alone and do things alone. We are bound to live together in the world. People who live and work, will compete and strive against themselves. Life will not exist if there is no rigour or pressure in the world.

Do What Is Good

We have to do good things for people, so that they will return with great things. Good things should attract good things. Thinking in positive ways will bring positive ideas, while thinking in negative ways will bring negative ideas.
People who want to get better in life should think in a positive way. Positive thoughts and ideas will make life better. We should motivate ourselves through a positive way of life and a better direction of thought. This will make us to think better and behave better. It will inspire us to think of positive ideas and do good things.
People who did what is evil, will be payed back with evil. Nobody can do a bad thing without getting a bad thing back in the world of today. Many people are conscious of what is going on around them and they will repay such people with a similar behaviour.

Expect What Is Good

When we have done good things for people, we should expect to get good things back. We shouldn't take our circumstances for granted. We shouldn't allow the people who did a bad thing to continue with this evil way. We should direct them to believe in positive life. We should motivate them to think and behave better, so that they will live and do things better.
People should behave in a positive way. They should accept a positive idea and live in a good spirit. This will make them to think, and do good things, rather than bad things. Doing good things will reflect through better ideas and positive outcomes in personal life.
Life will be better when great things are happening. We should expect to get back what we have done. If we have done good things, great things will happen in our life. Good things will happen to good people.

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