Define Yourself In a World of Today

Do you know the meaning of life? Do you know the purpose of living in the world? Do you know who you are in a world of today? These are questions that we should ask ourselves, as the kind of people who are living in a world of today.
I want to say that, people should be able to define themselves, through knowing who they are, in a world of today. This is because, knowing who they are will tell them the reason why they exist in the world. Also, knowing the reason why they exist will tell them what life means.
Then, they should think, conceive, and perceive, about whom they are. This will give them the ability to live better. But, before they can define themselves, they will have to identify, understand, or clarify themselves.
I don't say that, we should separate ourselves from the other people, remove what we are doing from their own, or isolate ourselves completely from people. I mean that, we should embrace self-identity, self-understanding, or self-clarification, as a personal concept in our way of life.
In my own point of view, they are psychological concepts that are known to be simple and rewarding in personal life. We must have come across them, through what we have being doing. But, we may not have considered how important they have been to us.
For a successful life, the starting point is to know who we are. Furthermore, we will need to recognise whom we are. Finally, life will be easy if we can break up, what we know about "who we are", into its detail parts.
Any one of these psychological concepts will help us to define ourselves in the world. Knowing about these concepts will allow us to live better in the world of today.

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