Can We Understand The Way Of Life?

This is a question for everyone of us who lives in the world of today. But, I don't believe that many of us will be able to answer it.

It is likely that the way of life haven't being understood by anyone living in the world.

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As for myself, I believe that, we are the kind of people who can live in this world.

We are believed to be living in the world of today.

Life Is Discontinuous

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If this way of life happens to be so discontinuous, no one will be able to understand what the journey of life will be.

When our way of life is believed to be discontinuous, we shouldn't understand many things in the world of today.

We Can't Understand Everything In The World

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Anyway, we don't have to understand everything that exist in the world of today.

It is how we will achieve our dream that should be the purpose of living in the world.

Without achieving the dream, we can't understand the way of life. Then, it is the achievement of dream that should be our purpose for living in the world of today.

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