Believe In Achievement and Success

May be, you don't believe in gaining personal achievement and life success as a potential for good life. I think, you will have to do so by now.
Because, the more you have achieved, and the rate of success you have gained, should determine who you will be in the world of today.
Achievement can't be determined, and success can't be calculated. The more determined you are, and the more calculated you are, will really make you an achiever, or a success.
Nobody is born as an achiever. Even, nobody is born as a perfect person.
We are really imperfect human beings in the world of today. The more of imperfection we have found ourselves, means that, the more of potential we will have as an achiever. Those people who think that, they are perfect human beings, should desist from doing so.
Because, nobody can really achieve the scope of perfection in all the spheres of life. Even, if you are brilliant in one endeavour, you may be dull in the next one.
The world seems to be a home, for all the people who are living, in the world of today. They will live in the world, just through the way they have made it.
But, believing in oneself to be a perfect person, as a matter of fact, should be left alone. We just want to become perfect. We are learning and perceiving, through our idea of better life, and personal imperfection from time to time.

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