Be Satisfied to Become Happy In the World of Today

As human beings, we are believed to be the kind of people who are living in the world of today. We can aspire in the world and live our life through any kind of lifestyle that we want. We can live as much as we want, or even as we like to do.
But, we can't aspire to live above what our life can afford us to do. For this reason, we have to become satisfied with what we have, and accept what our life provides for us.
All of us will want to become happy in the world of today. Because of the purpose of wanting this happiness, we should do what we can do to achieve our personal goals. We should try as much as possible to become successful in life.
When we have gained a number of achievement and success in our lives, we tend to have gained the satisfaction, or the encouragement to become happy in the world of today. But, we need to do our work further, so that we will achieve our goals. It is when we have done enough work, that we will lay our hands on what we have being looking for.
Because, to be happy in the world of today, we need to become satisfied with what we have. We shouldn't want to have more achievement and success, than what we can use our hands to get.
So far, we will be happy, when we are living with satisfaction. We shouldn't envy the other people. We shouldn't want to have more of those things, than what we can really achieve through ourselves. Speaking the truth, we should do our best, to achieve the best of what is possible in our lives.
We have to live through the kind of life that is full of satisfaction, to become really successful and happy in what we are doing. We should be satisfied with what we have to be happy in the world of today.

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