Be Responsible to Be Directed

We are responsible for our own lives. We should live up to any extent, that is possible in the world of today. This means, we should live as much as we can.
Life is precious to us. We will be living in the world, as much as we are able to live. But, we should be responsible for our own lives.
We must believe that, we have taken responsibility over how we are living. Because of this, we need to think positively. Then, we should avoid thinking negatively.
Positive thinking will allow us to take over responsibility in our life. We will be able to live up to the full extent. Then, we will achieve our goals and become successful in the world of today.
Taking over responsibility will make us responsible and directed. The way we think about ourselves, will direct us into certain ways of life.
That is saying, the positive thought that we have, should disallow negative thought. Then, we will be happy.
When we are responsible, we will live better. Lack of responsibility can make us unhappy. We must be responsible to become happy.
Responsibility will help us to achieve our goal. It will allow us to do many things in the world of today.

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