Adjust Yourself to Live Happily In the World of Today

Life is precious. But, it is full of ups and downs. The world is the place in which we live. But, it is filled with problems and adversities.
We may be suffering through the pressure and rigour from the adversity of life. We can't face this adversity to live happily as we should be doing in the world of today.
When we encounter the adversity of life, we should confront it, and adjust ourselves to live happily.
Afterwards, we should keep moving on the journey of life. We shouldn't look back at all.
We can't avoid the adverse condition of life in the world of today. What brings us the goodness, also brings us the flaw.
If we confront that adversity, we tend to overcome it. But, if we become scared, and we run away, we could lose what we deserve in life.
The world is a dynamic place. The situation of life in the world of today changes from one period of time to another.
To be happy, we have to adjust ourselves to the changes in the world of today.
We shouldn't fear the adversity of life. We should face it. Really, we should confront the ups and downs in the world of today.
We have to overcome that problem or adversity which exists in our life. We should adjust ourselves to live happily in the world of today.

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