Achieve Beyond What Is Expected of You

What exists in the world is the work of people. It is a sacred belief that, the world was created by God. Many people also believe that, they have being created by God. God is believed to be omnipotent and omnipresent.
As of today, people are living in the world. They have dominated, over the other creatures, who were also created by God. They have made the world to be their home.
We don't have to be frightened about what we can't achieve. We should do the best of what we can do, and leave the rest for the others to do.
The world is a place, which is like a stage. The people are actors, who should play their part.
We can't achieve certain things, which some people have achieved. We can't be as successful, as certain people have become. We should prepare ourselves, to do what we can do.
This means that, we have to achieve what is expected of us. Sometimes, we will need to achieve beyond what is expected of us. What some people expect from us, shouldn't limit what we must achieve.
We should be determined, to live in the world, as much as we are able to do. We should achieve our personal goals, by going beyond what people expect from us.
We should make sure that, we have done what is required from us. This means that, we have done our part of the work. But, doing only our own part, isn't enough in the world of today. We should do more than what we have assumed to be possible. We should go beyond the limit, by doing what nobody expects us to do.
The way of life cannot remain the same all the time. The world in which we live, will change from time to time. We have to change when certain things have changed around us. We should achieve beyond what people have expected from us in certain situations of life.

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